Women’s World Cup Group G Prediction

It’s Sweden and everyone else.

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In Group G, there is Sweden and everyone else. That is no disrespect to South Africa, Argentina, or even Italy, but Sweden is the only top-ranked team in the group and is one of the early favourites to win it all. The question is, who will finish second and stamp their ticket to the Round of 16? We break it down in our Women’s World Cup Group G prediction.

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Group G Preview

Sweden has always been a bridesmaid and never a bride, as they’ve been to three semi-finals and one final in their World Cup history. But could this finally be the year? The Swedes have top-quality players at every position. They also come in with a very experienced roster full of players who know how to win. This could possibly be the best team they have ever assembled, led by Captain Caroline Seger.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group will be battling to see who comes second, but if we had to guess, that could most likely be Italy. They are coming into this tournament with some very talented Roma and Juventus players, and the team has really made big strides forward in the last few years. That said, they were terrible at the 2022 Euros and completely underperformed. So which Italy will we see here, and can they live up to the hype?

South Africa will be tough to play against as they are excellent defensively, but the question is, where will they get the scoring? Argentina has the opposite problem; they can’t keep goals out of their net. Sure, they aren’t too shabby in the midfield and at forward, but their defence has been porous.

Women’s World Cup Group G Prediction

Sweden is our lock to win the group, but after that, it’s a bit hazy on who will finish second. Argentina and Italy play on July 24th, which should give us a better idea of what could happen. South Africa could also cause some disruption if they can use their elite defence to keep the games close if not tied.

In the end, Italy is just far too talented to take another step backwards. They pack some serious offensive punch and outscored their opponents 40-2 in the qualifiers. If Cristina Girelli gets going, Italy should inflict enough damage to move into the elimination rounds.

Prediction: Sweden, Italy

Game Schedule

July 23: Sweden vs. South Africa (1 a.m. ET)   
July 24: Italy vs. Argentina (2 a.m. ET)   
July 28: Argentina vs. South Africa (8 p.m. ET)
July 29: Sweden vs. Italy (3:30 a.m. ET) 
July 2: Argentina vs. Sweden (3 a.m. ET) 
July 2: South Africa vs. Italy (3 a.m. ET)

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